Positive and responsive care giving toolbox

Client: UNICEF Lebanon | Pillar: social Development

Thematic Areas: Violence Against Children, Child Protection, Violence Against Women, Child Labour

Services Provided: Creative and Production



  • In Lebanon there are religious and social norms around child-rearing that can often be used to justify the use of violence against children

  • The protracted displacement and dire economic situation, among both host and refugee communities, has led an increasing number of families to resort to negative coping mechanisms

  • Approximately 85 per cent of children experience violent discipline at home

  • Among the Syrian population, 35 per cent of women aged between 20 and 24 were married before they were 18 compared to 13 per cent before the conflict

  • The Ministry of Labour in Lebanon raised its 2006 estimate of 100,000 child workers in the country to 180,000


Our social and behavioral insight

The toolbox is designed to encourage positive and responsive caregiving behaviours as part of the overall SBCC Plan developed for the Ministry of Social Affairs in Lebanon. Recognising that harmful caregiving behaviours often arise out of a lack of awareness and self-efficacy on the part of caregivers, these tools aim to provide caregivers with the knowledge and skills they need to provide consistent, loving and responsive care to their children.

Key insights include:

  • Social norms set expectations of caregivers to use violence as a means of discipline

  • Caregivers in Lebanon are highly motivated to provide the best care possible for their children; they just often lack the knowledge of positive alternatives

  • Many in Lebanon see puberty as an indication that a child is mature and therefore ready for marriage

  • Bleak economic conditions lead many caregivers to allow their children to work and get married before 18


what we did

  • MAGENTA performed a detailed and comprehensive desk review of existing programmatic and training materials

  • Using the knowledge gained from the desk review MAGENTA drafted creative and informational content for each of the ten tools

  • Working with creative partners in Lebanon and in Jordan, MAGENTA produced prototypes of each tool

  • In parallel, MAGENTA developed the creative content for and produced a pilot episode of an Edutainment drama series

  • To maintain high standards of quality and ensure that the materials would be effective in use, MAGENTA conducted comprehensive pre-testing in the diverse communities in Lebanon

  • Finally, MAGENTA developed detailed guidelines for frontline workers on how to use the toolbox materials.


Toolbox items

MAGENTA conceptualised and produced the following items for the toolbox:

·       2D Animation

·       Colouring Book

·       Flashcards

·       Different Perspectives

·       WhatsApp Audile Memes

·       Child Development Timeline

·       Qudwa Board Game

·       Play with No Props

·       Roleplay scripts

·       Posters