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mays zanah, program manager

Mays has 12 years of experience managing and implementing communication projects in the development sector in the Middle East, including for clients such as USAID and the EU. In addition to her communication expertise, Mays also worked for the Jordanian government and is a credible interlocutor who understands how to obtain buy-in and build consensus. Mays managed implementation national behavioral social change communication campaigns on women’s health and decreasing acceptance of Gender-based violence. Prior to joining Magenta she worked as a Project Manager for a project, funded for the EU, that involved the production of media campaigns and the distribution of messages that address issues of importance to refugees and Jordanians in host communities. She was also the Country Engagement Coordinator for the Women and Girls Lead Global project in Jordan, funded by USAID, from 2013 to 2017. 

Mays has a bachelor’s Degree in English language and literature from Al-Ahliyah Amman University, and a master’s Degree in Marketing from Kingston University in the UK.