Specialises in behavioural change communications in the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia. Running social impact campaigns to support social policy objectives.


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our work

Social Development, Resilience & Governance.

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Positive and responsive care giving toolbox


Saving lives and limbs in Afghanistan with behavioural change


Fighting corruption with communication in Afghanistan


A communications strategy for Jordan’s National Action Plan to implement UNSC Res. 1325


Building an anti-corruption culture in Manouba, Tunisia

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The Power of You: leveraging the digital space to build resilience to violent extremism

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Re-imagining reading: promoting a culture of books and literacy for Afghan children


Research and Publications


Navigating the digital landscape: an evaluation of online campaigns undermining violent extremism in Nigeria


MAGENTA is committed to conducting innovative research to better understand why people do what they do. Using the latest tools and methodologies, these behavioural insights are what drive our locally grounded strategy development processes, and programme implementation.


Investigating the drivers and barriers for certain behaviours related to corruption in Afghanistan


At what stages and how to Afghans experience corruption when accessing government services?