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Our organization is deeply networked in the countries in which we operate, bringing a profound layer of understanding to our work, and complementing the science behind our approach.

Integrating principles from behavioral economics, sociology, psychology and marketing, we utilise the latest behavioural models to analyse and solve social development challenges. 




Be it through utilising existing literature, conducting field research or mining online data we use a data-driven approach to understand populations; whether to segment audiences, identify positive deviants or model behaviours. We assess factors such as awareness, perceptions, attitudes and beliefs. We map individual, sociologic and environmental influencers. We have the unique ability to combine these data analytic techniques with our deep knowledge of the cultural, linguistic and sociological contexts in which we work.

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Strategy Design and Planning

Shaped by the diagnostic stage, our strategy, creative, technology and data teams collaborate to develop tailor made solutions to each unique challenge. We design strategies through high impact, efficient, co-creation workshops. We have a track-record in creating strong local ownership and capacity by bringing in key stakeholders at the early initiation stages.



Our local teams implement campaigns, large and small, by working closely our networks of media organisations, private companies and civil society organisations. Complementing this approach, we draw on the best-in-class global technical partners in the digital, media and private sectors.

Rights-based approach – close adherence to universal human-rights principles, in particular supporting the most marginalised

Do no harm – constant consideration and mitigation of any potentially harmful effects of our interventions

Participatory methods – empowering people; maximising ownership, relevance and sustainability

Partnerships – bringing together consortia of expertise to provide comprehensive solutions that deliver impact

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Testing and Monitoring

We conduct qualitative and quantitative campaign testing to assess performance. Key indicators include content resonance, message recall and unintended effects. The results of these are used to feed back into the programme design and execution.



We create models that can be replicated and scaled to achieve optimal social impact. We advise our partners on ideal methods for scaling, which locations are appropriate targets and what partnerships and infrastructure are required.



We design robust theories of change and results frameworks that form the basis of strong monitoring and evaluation mechanisms. We move beyond measuring the prevalence of behaviours to assessing the factors that cause these behaviours and investigate the influence our intervention has on these factors. Our data scientists use qualitative and quantitative data sets to inform the overall evaluation analysis.