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We work with our partners to design impact-driven communications campaigns, tailoring our behavioural change solution to the specific challenge and context that they confront. Our approach is rigorous and scientific, whilst based on a deep understanding of the practical, political and cultural environments in which we work. 


We work with our partners to identify the specific challenge at hand. Having a clear problem to address allows us to be more accurate in dealing with the behavioural challenge and more efficient in arriving at a solution.


2. Diagnose

Using a human-centric approach we put our beneficiaries at the heart of the observation process, endeavouring to understand the motivators, de-motivators and influencers in their ecosystem. Our researchers specialise in the field of psychology, behavioural economics and social sciences, developing research methodologies to assess our beneficiaries root causal behaviours and conduct target audience analysis.

3. Design and Planning

Our solutions are always tailor-made and informed by our understanding of the ecosystems in which we operate. We do not try to "change cultures", but rather leverage existing societal and cultural frameworks to reach desired outcomes.


4. Implement

These are the four principles we follow during implementation:

  1. Rights-based approach – close adherence to universal human-rights principles, in particular supporting the most marginalised

  2. Do no harm – constant consideration and mitigation of any potentially harmful effects of our interventions

  3. Participatory methods – empowering people; maximising ownership, relevance and sustainability

  4. Partnerships – bringing together consortia of expertise to provide comprehensive solutions that deliver impact

During implementation, we call on our extensive and trusted network of local experts, media organisations, private companies and CSOs. We believe that the empowerment and leveraging of community-based organisation is key to effective implementation and sustainability.

5. Test and Monitor

Our team conducts qualitative and quantitative product testing to assess performance. The results of these are used to feed back into the programme design and execution.


6. Scale

Our interventions are created as "models" that can be replicated and scaled to achieve optimal social impact. We advise our partners on ideal methods for scaling, which locations are appropriate targets and what partnerships and infrastructure is required.

7. Evaluate

We use holistic measurement techniques based on rigorous evaluation design to measure results and garner evidence. We advise our partners on the development of robust theories of change and results frameworks that form the basis of strong monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.