Client: USAID | Pillar: resilience | Duration: 6 months

Thematic Areas: Countering Violent Extremism

Services Provided: Monitoring and Evaluation, Data Collection, Data Analysis



Measure the effectiveness of online campaigns aimed at reducing the appeal of extremist narratives in Nigeria and provide actionable recommendations to feed into a live communications strategy.



We developed a mixed-methods methodology using social media analytics and bespoke social media monitoring and listening software. Our iterative approach allowed for rapid and effective reactions to changes in the online space. Following a re-articulation of the theory of change, the evaluation focus shifted and the methodology was adapted to include new social listening tools.

We sought to capture and monitor online media data demonstrating the effectiveness of online campaigns aimed at challenging extremist ideas in Nigeria.


what we did

Magenta captured and monitored online media data demonstrating the effectiveness of online campaigns aimed at challenging extremist ideas in Nigeria. We then presented data in a visually appealing manner to ensure findings were easy to understand. This led to the formulation of actionable recommendations.


Key findings

  • Visual personalized content is most effective on Facebook and Instagram, whilst on Twitter, news related content performed best.

  • Results showed a positive trend in calls for action and unity related to the North East in 2018.

  • Nigerians across the country care about the North East but without offline surveying its difficult to attribute this to the online campaigns.

  • Interest in the North East follows the news cycle, whether positive or negative.

  • Facebook if the most effective social media platform to communicate messages.


  • Define results framework at the beginning of projects.

  • Follow audience interests to help in the planning of effective and relatable online programming.

  • Focus efforts on smaller amount of campaign and platforms to concentrate resources and consolidate audiences.

  • Follow audience interests and national events to guide online programming and content creation.

  • Systematic online boosting is key to increasing reach of content and improving audience growth.

  • Consolidate campaign slogand and hashtags to increase space for discussions on platforms such as Twitter.