Advancing children's rights in the digital age

Client: UNICEF Oman | Pillar: Social Development | Duration: 11 months

Thematic Areas: Child Health, Nutrition, Child Protection, Children with Disabilities

Services Provided: Social Media Engagement, Public Relations, Media Engagement, Networking Events



Make UNICEF Oman emerge as a credible and trusted voice for children within the Sultanate by showcasing its work and achievements. In addition, help UNICEF Oman to garner high level and long term support from the Omani private sector and the international community to raise additional funding for its ambitious 2017-2020 Country Program.


social and behavioral insight

To effectively drive engagement and build long-lasting relationships with the general public and potential partners, it is essential to ensure that messaging is tailor-made and systematically adapted to the target audience. Based on evidence and a solid understanding of the target audience media consumption habits, the Omani media, and influencer landscape, the strategy involved a combination of social media engagement, networking events, as well as planned and earned media coverage.

However, because of the growing reliance on social media as a primary source of information in Oman, this medium was the primary tool used to achieve the objectives. Therefore, in order to build goodwill amongst the Omani general public and pave the way for outreach to high level stakeholders and the private sector, our approach focused on telling relevant human stories and optimizing content based on the platform. Content was designed to be short, engaging, memorable and easily shareable.


what we did

As part of our engagement with UNICEF Oman, we delivered over 180 pieces of creative content including memes, videos and infographics in Arabic and English. These were created to mark global days and events, internal  meetings and events, and to deliver UNICEF Oman's key messages in a clear and consistent manner. Furthermore, through the form of concepts development, resource management planning and online and offline promotional content production, we effectively provided support to UNICEF Oman for the organization of various events.



From baseline to endline, our work with UNICEF Oman produced tangible positive impact. Output-level indicators include:

  • UNICEF Oman's audience size across its social media platforms has significantly increased (e.g. 1,168% increase in Facebook followers). 
  • UNICEF Oman's audience engagement across its social media platforms has significantly increased (e.g. 328% in reactions, comments and shares on Facebook).
  • UNICEF Oman's online key stakeholder engagement has significantly increased (i.e. likes, comments, shares from government agencies and UNICEF MENA).
  • UNICEF Oman's coverage by media has notably increased (i.e. coverage by 18 different media outlets during the project).  

From the outcomes-level perspective:

  • The Omani general public, the private sector and the international community are better aware of UNICEF's role in advancing children's rights it the Sultanate.
  • A strong visibility of UNICEF's brand in Oman has been built and is developing.
  • A capacity among UNICEF Oman and its partners for sustainable future visibility and public relations activities has been built.