Client: USAID | Pillar: RESILIENCE | Duration: 6 months

Thematic Areas: Countering Violent Extremism

Services Provided: Campaign Strategy and Branding, Social Media Engagement, Influencer Engagement



Undermine violent extremist recruitment efforts on social media, promote positive alternative narratives to extremism, and dispel stereotypes that are beneficial to extremist narratives.


Our social and behavioral insight

The Power of You was designed around the insight that vulnerable youth in the North East of Nigeria feel powerless to change their circumstances and achieve their dreams, thus compelling some to consider extremism. In order to reach the audience, it was essential to address the challenges present in their lives. Further insights revealed that the target audience had few role models and little space to discuss the North East region in all of its complexities. Therefore, the strategy was designed to foster direct communication with the audience in order to open a space for dialogue.


what we did

  • We rebranded the existing campaign to ‘The Power of You’ to better communicate CVE objectives through aspirational messaging.

  • We worked with local youth leaders to give the campaign a relatable voice.

  • Nearly 100 pieces of original content were designed and shared five days a week on social media in both Hausa and English.

  • To change perceptions and build resilience we told real life stories of individuals who are rebuilding their communities in the North East and Nigeria at large.

  • We engaged influencers to help spread the campaign’s message and grow the audience.



  • Consistent audience engagement across social media channels

    • 100,000 monthly reach on Facebook

    • 50,000 monthly reach on Twitter

  • 100% audience growth on all social media

  • The audience is better aware of local and national projects to combat extremism and build unity

  • Provided space for audience to express opinions and grievances

  • Created opportunities for audience to connect with Nigerians from other communities and discuss challenges with peers